Ticket Printer Training

As ticket printing volunteer, you play a key role in ensuring ticket buyers enjoy a great Rotary Dream Home experience from start to finish.  Remember, the easier we can make it for Stampede guests to support us, the more money we’ll raise for our charities.

When a ticket buyer arrives at your printing window, be sure to greet them in a friendly and excited manner.  Ask the customer for their purchased tickets, request their contact information and complete the printing on their behalf.  When you’re done, ask them to check their tickets for accuracy and thank them for their support.  Finally, point them in the direction of the blue Rotary Dream Home ticket bins (where they can deposit their separated tickets).  Remember, our goal is to provide ticket buyers with the most enjoyable experience possible.

Here are some training resources that will help you prepare for your shift and print tickets.  Once again, thank you for your support.

Downloadable Ticket Printer Instructions

Downloadable map of the Stampede Midway – Including the Dream Home Office & Selling/Printing Booth Locations

Ticket Printer Video

Stampede Lotteries Do's and Don'ts