Volunteer Training


Our main objective for the Calgary Stampede Rotary Dream Home is to raise funds for our various charities.  But equally important, we want to ensure our Rotary volunteers and Stampede guests enjoy a memorable time during the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

To enable an exceptional customer experience, the Rotary volunteer should have a strong level of knowledge and comfort with regards to the ticket selling and printing process.

We offer three types of training on our website; ticket selling, ticket printing and dream home hosting.  Additional training and support will be available to you on-park during a volunteer shift.

Click Here for Ticket Seller Training

Click Here for Ticket Printer Training

Click Here for Dream Home Host Training

Training is offered in a series of short, easy to view videos accompanied with short tips.  For those looking for more detail, a longer written document is available.

Not sure what type of shift is the right fit for you? Check out the link below for a brief description of the tasks included for each role.

Dream Home Volunteer Roles